Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning Library for Scientists and Engineers 🔥
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TensorLayer is a novel TensorFlow-based deep learning and reinforcement learning library designed for researchers and engineers. It provides an extensive collection of customizable neural layers to build advanced AI models quickly, based on this, the community open-sourced mass tutorials and applications. TensorLayer is awarded the 2017 Best Open Source Software by the ACM Multimedia Society. This project can also be found at iHub and Gitee.


🔥 3.0.0 will supports multiple backends, such as TensorFlow, MindSpore and more, allowing users to run the code on different hardware like Nvidia-GPU and Huawei-Ascend. We need more people to join the dev team, if you are interested, please email hao.dong@pku.edu.cn

🔥 Reinforcement Learning Zoo: Low-level APIs for professional usage, High-level APIs for simple usage, and a corresponding Springer textbook

🔥 Sipeed Maxi-EMC: Run TensorLayer models on the low-cost AI chip (e.g., K210) (Alpha Version)

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